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Abstract Installed painting(mixed media) (Irma Lescinskaite)
Musical composition (Linas Rimsa)



The goal is to include into the modern art turnover a part of heritage created in Lithuania; to try to use abstract paintings to actualize and bring new meaning to baroque painting heritage of the Great Lithuanian Principality creating, on the basis of this heritage, a modern – installed painting with video projection (cycle of canvases).
Concept: What differs the modern cultural tradition different from the earlier on: It is reflective - based on conscious and directed interpretation of earlier cultural heritage. Most important and only partially solved tasks of today’s Lithuanian culture, is the necessity to adopt and actualize the heritage of the GLP in a creative way.
Creation of this paintings’ cycle was inspired by XVII c. Lithuanian church frescos. The works attempt to actualize and revive principles of regional old art. Canvases are painted on the principle of dialectical opposites. Transfer of abstraction from baroque-like festive colour expression to two-dimensional canvas plane. Baroque is a special period of development of culture and art in the GLP. The connections of baroque and modern art and necessity to include all the artistic heritage created in Lithuania, reveals the main idea of this project – to try by using abstract painting means actualize and bring new meaning to GLP baroque painting heritage. Within the framework of the project it is planned to expose 10 160x140 format paintings using the following techniques: drawing, oil, spray and marker. A DVD format video projection animates graphic works drawn with a marker. Drawings (like chandeliers) move on frescos by video projection on a certain part of a color painting making groups of lively moving fragments of the drawing. The impression of movement is created and felt
only on a deliberately lighted part of the painting where a filmed material connected in its story with the separate details of the paintings would be shown by 4 video projectors. The video projection image and music by Linas Rimsa are fully synchronized, the combination of both is grounded on certain common (fractals, notes, video elements, etc.) composition structures in time. The sound allows to reveal in time plastic layers of painting, to open visual fields. In the installation sound becomes not only musical, but rather architectural,
physical, often almost symbolic unit. Since the images exist only as long as they are shown, they follow each other in a certain order, forms acquire sound images, and the spectator is presented with a colorful manipulations and composition means potential. Duration of a repeating audio and video composition is about 10 – 15 min. For playing music we need a 4,1 Dolby Surround system. Planned technical part of the project: 4 projectors, a home cinema system.